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The Michigan Center for Capoeira Instructors


The Michigan Center for Capoeira's instructor's

Ivan DeLacruz 

Ivan has been training with The Michigan Center for Capoeira since day 1. Contributing to the center with his high and friendly energy, performing, assisting, and teaching classes on a regular basis at our center. In addition, Ivan always helps us with our shirt designs and flyers with his amazing graphic and drawing skills

Lital Richards

Lital is our most active instructor at The Michigan Center for Capoeira. Lital has been working for several years with the centers and their In-school and After School enrichment programs. Doing outstanding work with the kids. She is in charge of our kid's programs and teaches over 200 kids per week. The results and development, physically and mentally with the kids are amazing! 

In addition, Lital takes a great part in the behind the scene work, promotion and development of our center. 

Erick DeLacruz
"Tira Prosa"
Christian Eaves

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