The Michigan Center for Capoeira #tmc4c #CapoeiraMichigan #Detroit #Capoeira

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10 years for TMC4C
10 years for TMC4C

10 years celebration for the Michigan Center for Capoeira! #tmc4c

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The Michigan Center for Capoeira #tmc4c #CapoeiraMichigan #Detroit #Capoeira

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Do You Play Capoeira?

Combining cardiovascular and strength training. It burns fat and builds muscle, flexibility and endurance. It improves balance and coordination. 

Capoeira Detroit Michigan Roda

Capoeira is a unique sport that combines martial-arts, dance, acrobatics, with live music and Afro-Brazilian culture. In Capoeira there are no winners or losers. Performed by two people, it is called a “Game” that is played, not fought.

Capoeira teaches you to defend yourself be happy and stay fit while doing it!


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Farmington Hills

Monthly Open Roda

1st Saturday of each month

Our monthly open Roda's have been taking place for over 10 years now, and the main purpose was and still is to offer a day and space for all the Capoeiristas in Michigan and from around the US to be able to meet up and play Capoeira. 

The monthly open Roda is 100% FREE to everyone. Please check our facebook event page for our next upcoming roda. (sometimess we move the Roda to a different day due to other events that are taking place the same day)


All are welcome to come play and watch Capoeira. 

See you there, 
The Michigan Center For Capoeira Team. 

Kids School Programs

Sign up your kids today! 

Click here for the registration page

5 benefits you can get from practicing Capoeira

Check out this amazing article by RedBull about "5 benefits you can get from practicing Capoeira"


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