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How to Check My Membership

Please follow these steps to check if your Yearly membership has Auto-Renew on. 

  1. On a desktop or browser, log into your account on our MindBody Page - CLICK HERE
    (Username/email and password are the same as when you signed the online waiver

  2. Under the MY INFO tab, select ACCOUNT.

  3. Scroll down until you see AutoPays.
      ​The first and top line in the table is the current and active membership.

  4. YES OR NO

YES - If there is a YES under the AutoRenewing Colum, then your membership has Autorenew Activated and you are all set. (it will be in the same line as your subscription.)

NO - If there is a NO under the AutoRenewing Colum, then your membership does NOT have Autorenew Activated.

Activate My Auto-Renew

To activate the Auto-Renew on your account, please email your request to do so with your full name to our billing team at 

A minimum of 14 business days prior to your membership ending date is required for our billing team to be able to adjust your account. 

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