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What is Capoeira? 

Capoeira is the most beautiful sport in the world and the most complete art form in the world. Yes, it is a martial art form. Yes, it is fighting. But it is also dance. And music. And songs. And instruments. And movement. And balance. And rhythm. And coordination. And strength training. And cardio training. And samba. And maculelê.

Capoeira is not just a physical movement and training routine. Capoeira also trains your mind. Capoeira also nourishes your soul.

A capoeira contest between two opponents is called a game. Because they don’t fight each other. They play. This is why it is called a game. Yes, capoeira is a sport too.

In capoeira, you learn to play musical instruments and to sing Capoeira songs. In Portuguese. Yes, capoeira is music. And capoeira is also language learning.

Capoeira also gave birth to a lot of dance forms. Like Samba. And Maculelê. And Dança de Guerreiro, the war dance. Yes, capoeira is dance too. And performance art.

Capoeira moves require a lot of upper body and lower body and core strength. And capoeira exercises work on building this strength. Yes, capoeira is strength training too.

In capoeira, there are a lot of handstands and front rolls and backflips and moves like these. Yes, capoeira is acrobatics and calisthenics too.

In capoeira games, you need to literally think on your feet (and your hands and head sometimes) and you need to plan every move. Yes, capoeira is strategic thinking too.

Capoeira involves a lot of whole-body coordination. Heads, fingers, knees, toes, arms, legs, shoulders, backs, torsos… every part of your body works together. Yes, capoeira is reflex training and motor skills training too.

Capoeira involves a lot of performances. In class, on the streets, on the stage, everywhere. Yes, capoeira is confidence-building and personality development too.

You never play capoeira alone. You will always find someone to play with. And train with. And learn with. And get better with. Yes, capoeira is friendship too. And family. And life. And love.

Join us. Start playing. Oh, and did we mention we will give you a cool capoeira nickname when you do? Yes, capoeira is identity too.

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