Event Details:

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

12:30pm - 1:30pm

FREE |  Ages 18+ | Please Save Your Spot Below



The Michigan Center for Capoeira

27881 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington Hills MI 48332

What to wear:

Long pants (sweat pants) and a shirt that you are comfortable enough to move around in. 

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What is Capoeira? 

Capoeira is the most beautiful sport in the world and the most complete art form in the world. Yes, it is a martial art form. Yes, it is fighting. But it is also dance. And music. And songs. And instruments. And movement. And balance. And rhythm. And coordination. And strength training. And cardio training. And samba. And maculelê.

Why Capoeira? 

There are hundreds of physical activities for people to choose from, so why should you choose capoeira over others?


Capoeira is at once a widely communal and deeply individual experience. Once you become a capoeirista, you form an instant bond with thousands of people across the globe who share your passion. At the same time, you gain the ability to do things that you could never dream of doing and in doing so you will discover your own unique self.


Capoeira is one of the best forms of fitness as it not only includes body movements but needs strategic use of the mind to make use of these movements in the form of dance. An integral part of capoeira is its music which research has proved improves analytical thinking and memory. A capoeira class incorporates free movement-based exercises done individually, in pairs, and in groups helping in strength, flexibility, and coordination. Teaching in the form of games makes it fun and challenging.

Capoeira - being a non-combat, non-violent sport - allows you to express your feelings through movement without the use of words or aggression. It teaches you to defend yourself and helps you stay fit while doing it!

What To Expect From The Intro Class? 

Our Intro Class will start with an introduction and an explanation of the origins of Capoeira. Followed by a fun warm-up and some Jungle training movements. We then will learn some of the basic martial art moves, kicks, and escapes that will lead us into the partner work to learn how to play a Capoeira Game. After that, we will learn some soft acrobatics that is suitable for all levels and experiences. Once we completed all of that, you will know how to play a capoeira game and you will get a chance to play a real capoeira game. To wrap it up, we will learn some of the music history and experience the amazing Axé that Capoeira creates! 


Capoeira provides cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, all of which are essential for overall health. When training capoeira you will use muscle groups that you may never have trained before so after training for the first time you can expect to be a bit sore. :) 

I have never done martial arts or dance, can I still participate?

Yes. No experience is necessary and you do not need to be in a certain shape to take part in our classes. Our instructors are highly trained and all the exercises and routines have a variety of levels to accommodate all fitness levels.